I Miss My Ex

Learn How to Get Your Ex Back Fast

When my last relationship ended, I felt like my whole world collapsed. I was depressed, gloomy and hardly got out of the house. All I could think about was how do I get my ex back. My friends tried to convince me to go out, see other people, but I couldn’t even think about it.

So what do you think happened? I started to make desperate steps, which later I found out were BIG mistakes. I called my ex 10 times a day, bombed her with text messages, sent flowers & cards, and basically begged her to get back together.
Boy, was I WRONG!!! Actions like these are big mistakes.

Let me tell you, from my experience, that there are some great tips for getting your ex back (and still keep your dignity too…), and here they are:

First of all, get your head straight. You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself, don’t let your emotion and especially depression keep you down, this will not help you with getting back together with your ex.

Next, accept that the relationship in its prior form is over. Focus on what is going on now. If you realize that the relationship of the past wasn’t perfect you’re heading in the right direction and laying the foundation for you and your ex to get back together. Think about this; the relationship didn’t get broke in a day, don’t expect to be able to fix it in a day either.
Listen to this important tip: give some space. This may seem counter-intuitive to how to get your ex back, but you have to remember that just because you’re thinking “how do I get my ex back”, doesn’t mean they do. A brief time away from each other, before you try to win them back, will give you both time to cool down and a chance for them to miss you.

Actions speak louder than words; Show your ex you care about yourself. If you seem desperate, clingy, and whiny, you will not succeed. If you sit around the house waiting for them to call or keep checking your email every few minutes hoping to get their message, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Hang out with friends, go to movies, go to concerts, go to the mall… Whatever, just get up and get out and live your life.

One last thing: simply be yourself. There was a really good reason for why you and your ex had a relationship to begin with, so go back to being yourself and let your ex remember why they loved you in the first place.

Let me be honest, these tips may not be easy for you to do at first. You may want to give in and call your ex or see them, but you have to resist the temptation. If your only thought is: “how do I get my ex back”, then read this full tip for how to get back together with your ex, I’m sure it will help you to get your ex back to you.

Imagine you and your ex together again, walking in the park, holding hands… This is not a dream! What you need is a simple and proven plan for getting your ex back. This book is a goldmine of information. You’ll discover many secretes, techniques and tactics that are highly successful. I know because it was my secret weapon, and it got me back with my ex! Check it out now. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. x-back Said,

    thank you for this. x broke up with me last Friday and I’m loosing it since. he keeps acting like a little boy and I don’t know what else I can do.

  2. Linson Said,

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